Some Amazing Things to Do on a Bhutan Trip

Bhutan is the best country that is set up in Himalayas and it is a small and peaceful place to be for the best of your days. The weather here is so soothing and everything is so perfect in here that you can get so many things that will help you to be the best versions out of your travel. Getting a road trip is a must to do thing when you are in Bhutan and you need to prebook your American Airlines Flights as there are less flights in here and you can get to look at some hidden treasures of the world when you are in Bhutan. So, here is a list of things that you must do when in Bhutan.

Trek to Tiger’s Nest

Tiger nest is just a 2 hour trek and this place is totally worth the time. There is a café before the Tiger’s nest and the view from that place is so scenic and amazing that it will leave you speechless. Click some pictures that you can use on your Instagram and it can surely help you to get some better impressions. So, book your American Airlines Reservations right now before it is too late.

Dance with Monks on Festivals

Festivals in Bhutan are so amazing and you can get to enjoy some of these fests if you have a better luck or you can check out on some dates before you plan your trip. You can get in touch with a local and he will surely help you to get better information about the fests and then you can get a chance to dance with the monks or you can visit some of the old shrines and monasteries in Bhutan.

Score a Bulls eye

Archery being the national game of Bhutan is a must to do thing and you can even get some better institutes for archery in Bhutan. You can apply for a month long course if you have a plan to stay in Bhutan. Check out for some more information on American Airlines Official Site before getting to Bhutan.

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