Best tourist-friendly spots to check out when in Thailand

Visiting Thailand can give you plethora of opportunity to explore. As the nation is tourist friendly, so the government as well as the private agency is engaged fully to satisfy the tourists from coming across the nation. The shopping opportunity, floating markets, and golden temples are all these enough to lead you to the different world. If you become tired in the crowded street of Bangkok, then the national park and beaches here can give you plethora of space to spend your holiday with ease.

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Chiang Mai and Chiang Rai

The Chiang Mai is the largest city in the Northern region of Thailand. Though its universality, it remain quiet, tranquil which gives the tourist peace. The friendly vibe of hill tribes, picturesque landscapes and elephant sanctuaries which are enough to leave a mark in your life. Visiting elephant sanctuaries can give you eternal peace. If you are little bit of adventurous, then you can try trekking and hiking in the small hill in the region.


If you are tired of roaming around the city, then you can try to reach HuaHin where you can visit the popular Pala-U waterfall or the antique forest in the KaengKrachan National Park. Both the waterfall and the national park will give you perfect feeling to feel. These waterfall and the vibe of the forest will surely bring you the perfect place to have peace.

Koh Phi Phi

The Koh Phi Phiisland is another extraordinary destination for you. By arriving the island region, you will never want to leave the pleace, as the charm and vibe of the island will bind you with love and beautiful nature. The magnificent geographical features and secret caves will call you to come again to this region. You can roam around the beach of the island and can enjoy the paddle in crystal clear water.

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Top 5 Places to Celebrate New Year’s Eve in the USA with American Airlines

The United States of America is one of the most sought countries by people all around the globe to celebrate New Year eve. The celebration mood in the US is always a step ahead of other countries in the world which is the main reason why people prefer visiting the US during the New Year. Here are some of the best places in the USA that will make your New Year a memorable one.

New York City

The New York City is undoubtedly the best place in the USA to celebrate a New Year eve. The ball drop event which will be graced by thousands of people at the Times Square is the event to watch out for and there are also so many firework events held around the city.


Los Angeles

The nation’s film and television hub is also famous for its New Year celebrations. The city orchestrates some of the best fireworks displays in the country and is known for events such as Hollywood Night View, Universal City walk, Walt Disney Hall Concert, and Grand Park. Visit American Airlines official site to book tickets to Los Angeles at best rates.

San Francisco

San Francisco is another majestic city in California that celebrates New Year in style. The city is known for holding numerous New Year parties and events and the lighting of the Golden Gate Bridge is another main attraction of this city.


This beautiful city of Massachusetts offers its tourist a wide range of activities to enjoy their New Year Eve. Boston Duck Tour, Whale Watching Cruise, Trolley Tour, and the First Night event are some of the notable and best events one shall never miss in Boston.

Las Vegas

Last but not the least Las Vegas is the best destination in the US to attend luxurious New Year parties. High Roller Toasting, Fremont Street, and Fireworks over the Vegas Lake are some of the best events in Vegas. Make a flight reservation to your favorite destination through the American Airlines Reservations to enjoy the cheap and best deals.

Explore Mexico at best affordable prices with American airlines

Are you looking for a beautiful designation for your weekend? Planning for an international tour to visit with your family? Well, if your answer is yes then Mexico can be the right place for you which you are looking for. This is a beautiful country where you can enjoy many stunning places with your friends and family member. By visiting in this country, you can make your trip memorable and special. The places of this city are enriched with high quality and modern technology which you never see before.

This country is blessed with good number of beaches and mountains so tourist from all over the world wants to visit this country during their holidays. You can also capture the beautiful sites and places of this country from your camera and take the memory of this trip. You can get your flight tickets from American Airlines Reservations with ease.

Taste and enjoy local food items in five-star restaurants

If you love to eat various food items then you can choose to go to Mexico and love to eat their variety of local food items. You can enjoy some street food while walking on the streets of the country and get best amazing feel. You will get shocked by watching the different and unique technology used there. If you are visiting with your family or friends then you can also book your private tables in five-star restaurants to enjoy the tasty food. You can book your flight tickets for Mexico with the help of American Airlines Official Site with ease.

Museum for a great attraction

If you are fond of going museum then it can be beneficial for you to plan your next trip to Mexico. There are vast numbers of museums available in this country which informs you about the various culture and history of this country. You can get more about this country by buying the flight tickets for Mexico with American Airlines Deals. This airline offers great flight facilities to their clients so that they do not have to face any difficulty during travel.

Discover the outside magnificence of Dubai at cheap prices with your buddies

Don’t know what people do on their vacation to change their mood? The answer to this question is most of the people plan to do a trip with their loved ones. If you also want to do some interesting things on your vacation then select Dubai for your trip.  Travelers can do boating and rafting or fun full activities in this place. This is the city which is covered up with greenery and mountain. This city has all the stunning things which will fill your outing with adventure and excitement.

You will surely be very amazed after seeing the nightlife of this city. The fountains in the night time are things to watch. The infrastructure of the building is so unique and beautiful that you will surely want to spend some more days in this beautiful city. If you want to capture the lovable moments of this beautiful destination then you can book tickets through American Airlines Deals after full satisfaction only.

Eat the new recipes in superb restaurants

Dubai is really well known for the providing some best and delicious recipes for visitors. This city is really blessed with nice people and you may fall in love with the people of this city. You can’t forget the taste of the dishes that you will taste in Dubai. You can try any restaurant of your choice and budget.  You will get tickets for this wonderful place through American Airlines Official Site by watching all the offers.

Look at the attractions sites of the city

There are many beautiful sites in this city. If you really have the plan to visit Dubai during your upcoming vacations then it is your best decision. You will surely be very satisfied with the beauty of this city. This holiday will be the most amazing and delightful holiday of your life. The outdoor beauties will attract you because there are many attractions that you can see here. You can book the tickets through American Airlines Reservation. This airline will serve world-class amenities to customers because they take care of customer comforts.

Enjoy a beautiful destination to see the outdoor beauty at inexpensive prices with American Airlines

Bore from daily routine work and want to do something very unique and interesting in upcoming holidays? Well if yes then do a trip with your loved ones in a beautiful destination. If you have decided to do a tour then now you must confuse that which is an appropriate place for you. Although you have many options you can take the advice of your friends and family members where you go for the traveling. You should select that city or country which is really blessed with good number beautiful and historical monuments.

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Book your flight which is well known for the best food services

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Experience all services at cheap prices to get double fun

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Get a wonderful chance to assess the loveliness of trendy destinations with American airlines

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Get the effective deals of flights at cheap prices with consulting

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Top-class services are the first preference of passengers

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